Wednesday, January 30, 2013

First 750 Preview

I'm putting together a blog for published authors. The author can be self-published or published through traditional means. My only real requirement is that the work has to be complete (I don't want readers to start something and then find it isn't available) and it can't be porn. Nothing against porn, just don't want it on my site.

It is rough right now. I have two posts up. The first is just a place holder as it is not published yet (but will be soon, I hope). The second is a memoir published by Xlibris.

If you want to get a preview, check out First 750.  Hopefully I will be getting more  stories posted soon.

At this point, I am thinking I will allow a synopsis of the story, a photo to go along with the story, and a bio. In the bio, I would allow one link to the author's landing page (facebook, blog, whatever). I would also have a link to the store of the authors choice (amazon, xlibris, smashwords, etc). Of course, an author's landing page should have all of the available sources linked anyway.

Right now I am looking for feedback before I roll it out further. If you are a published author (any content really but specifically create fiction or non-fiction), or if you are an avid reader, I would love to hear anything you might suggest.

What do you think?


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